Introducing our first eight Core Colours! These colours have either been very popular or personal favorites. I think they are a good starting ground leading into a larger collection of shades that represent our brand. (We hope you think so too!) 

These images are a representation of a single dyelot of these core colours. There are still many variables in natural dyeing that lead to variances in colour even when being very diligent in the process. It is something that I have grown to love and appreciate. Every new season brings variances in it's blooms and similarly every dyelot's shade has it's own personality. 


Amelia's Pink


Bright and exciting, this Cochineal dominant colour is sweet, fun and energetic;

 just like my niece Amelia. 

Heirloom Red


This combination of Madder and Cochineal is calm and complimentary. Rusty red and coral tones play with each other for a uniquely shaded colour. 

Golden Harvest


Osage and Marigold blend together to take this yellow shade from primary to golden depending on the light. 

Forest Floor


Hand picked Goldenrod is the main component in this subdued and moody green. The addition of Iron is what transforms the once pale yellow to what we see here. 

Hint of Indigo


Indigo is such a fun and interesting natural dye. The vat process allows lots of variation in richness of colour, but I've always loved the softness that one single dip provides. 



Logwood has been a favorite of mine for years. It's true and intense shades make it such an easy colour to love and wear. 



This rich grey is born out of a mixture of Madder, Logwood, Osage, and Iron and varies it's shades based on heat! Some parts of the skeins get a little hotter, therefore a little bit more beige, and I think the result is complicated and stunning. 

Harbour Mist


Harbour Mist is the second bath of Slate and therefore compliments it perfectly while still holding its own as a lovely soft grey.